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Finest Quality Fruit Pulp/Puree & Concentrates producer and supplier

Cropotto Foods offers wide variety of processed fruit Pulp/Puree and Concentrates that are healthy and made out of premium quality fully ripened fruits. The fruit Pulp/Puree and Concentrates are processed thermally and then packed aseptically to retain 100% freshness, color, aroma and flavor.


The Process

The fruit is passed through a series of processes, which includes inspecting, ripening, washing, cutting, deseeding, de-stoning, crushing, pulping and finally processed to obtain the pulp/puree & concentrate through the vacuum procedure.

Best Quality Fruit Pulp/Puree and Concentrates

The Fruit Pulp/Puree & Concentrates are prepared from the product obtained by mechanical process from sound, wholesome & appropriately mature fruit, without removing the juice and without addition of other species. Our Pulp/Puree & Concentrates shall not be adulterated in any way such as through the addition of artificial sweeteners. The Pulp/Puree & Concentrates is processed at a sufficiently high temperature to substantially reduce the number of viable microorganisms, to eliminate all enzymatic activity, and any viable heat-resistant pathogenic bacteria. The product is processed to achieve at minimum 5 log reduction of the most resistant microorganism of public health significance and packed under hygienic conditions.


Fruit Pulp/Puree and Concentrates are used to prepare numerous delicacies such as candies, preserves, jellies, jams, marmalades, juices, nectars, baby food, beverages, ice-cream, sauces, snacks and cereal bars.

Alphonso Mango Pulp/Puree

We are renowned exporters of Alphonso mango pulp in India, The Alphonso...

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Totapuri Mango Pulp/Puree

We are one of the leading Producers of Totapuri mango pulp from India. The Totapuri ...

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Kesar Mango Pulp/Puree

It is one of the most important varieties of mango The variety is reputed...

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Raspuri Mango Pulp/Puree

We are one of the leading Producers of Raspuri mango pulp from India. The Raspuri ...

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White Guava Pulp/Puree

White Guava Puree is produced from fresh highest quality guava fruits.Fully...

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Pink Guava Pulp/Puree

Pink Guava Puree is produced from fresh highest quality guava fruits. Fully ....

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Red Papaya Pulp/Puree

Papaya is known for its delicious sweet taste and soft juicy pulp.Selected.....

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Banana Puree Concentrate

Banana Puree is extracted from selected variety of Cavendish Banana Fruit. Fully...

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Totapuri Mango Concentrate

We are one of the leading Producers of Totapuri mango Concentrate from India. The...

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White Guava Concentrate

White Guava Concentrate is produced from fresh highest quality guava fruits. Fully....

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Red Papaya Concentrate

We extract papaya puree concentrate from best papaya fruits grown in different....

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Tomato Puree Concentrate

Tomato paste or tomato puree concentrate is produced from quality tomatoes....

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Frozen Alphonso Mango Pulp

As a reputed supplier of frozen alphonso pulp, we ensure that only the best quality alphonso....

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Frozen Totapuri Mango Pulp

The delicious Totapuri mango gets its name from the sharp beak like shape it ....

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Frozen White Guava Pulp

We extract guava pulp by commercially processing fresh, matured and fully....

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