Cropotto foods exports premium quality frozen IQF mixed vegetable cuts and it is produced through the following process under hygienic condition. The fresh vegetables are sorted, washed, peeled, manually cut, blanched, dewatered and frozen using IQF (designed to halt microbial activities). The Frozen Products are put through a sieve, inspected, packed and fed through a metal detector and transferred to cold store.




Parameter Group Range Value
Total Plate Count cfu/ gm Less than 1000
Yeast & Mould Count cfu / gm Less than 100
Coliform Count cfu / gm Less than 10
E-Coli cfu / gm Negative
Salmonella in 25 gms Absent
Listeria Monocytogenes(cfu/g) Absent
Colour All Vegetables
Flavour & Aroma Characteristics of typical Vegetables
Taste Characteristics of typical Vegetables
Appearance Mature fresh Vegetables




Packed in food grade LDPE blue colour poly liner with 5 ply master carton

Net weight: 10kgs

Container Loading

2300 Cartons / 40' Refer Fcl


Storage at -18° C or below

Shelf Life

24 months from the date of production under -18° C or below

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