What is IQF?

Individually Quick Frozen, IQF is a technique under which each individual piece of food is frozen separately.

IQF fruits and IQF vegetables are the preferred choices of many owing to their various qualities and benefits. They are quick to cook and readily available to prepare a wide range of dishes. They do not lose their nutrients while undergoing the freezing process and have longer shelf life compared to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Cropotto Foods offers premium quality IQF products. All its offerings are prepared from the sound ripe fruit by peeling, washing, de-seeding, inspecting, slicing, dicing of approximate size of customer requirement, dewatering, then individually quick frozen at a temperature of -35° C, sieving and checked with a metal detector to give a free flowing product at -18˚C or below.

The export range of Cropotto Foods includes IQF Mango, IQF Papaya, IQF Guava, IQF Melon, IQF Pomegranate, IQF Sweet Corn, IQF Green Peas, IQF Mixed Vegetables, IQF Coconut etc.


IQF Alphonso Mango Slices/Chunks

Cropotto foods offers best quality IQF Alphonso mango in form of slices, chunks, halves and wholes...

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IQF Totapuri Mango Slices/Dices/Chunks

Cropotto foods offers best quality IQF Totapuri Mango in the form of Dices/Slices/Chunks....

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IQF Papaya Dices/Slices

Papaya is one of the healthiest fruits known to mankind. The delicious fruit offers diverse health...

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IQF Melon Dices/Balls

Muskmelon is a spherical shaped fruit with thick greenish-white skin and orange. The fruit contains high...

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IQF Guava Dices

Cropotto Foods exports IQF guava dices prepared from fresh guava procured from the finest farmlands....

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IQF Pomegranate Arils

Pomegranate is often considered a heavenly fruit due to its rich colour arils and incredible health benefits....

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IQF Banana

Being a leading IQF banana supplier, Cropotto Foods brings the finest Cavendish bananas to you in frozen form....

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IQF Coconut Dices

Cropotto foods exports frozen IQF Coconuts in the form of Dices/Chunks/Slices and it is produced through the...

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IQF Sweet Corn

Sweet corns bearing delightful golden yellow juicy kernels considered as a staple food in many parts of the world....

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IQF Green Peas

The sweet tasting green peas are one of the Earth’s earliest cultivated legumes that have their origin in the...

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IQF Okra

Cropotto foods offers premium quality frozen IQF Okra and it is produced through the following process under...

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IQF Mixed Vegetables

Cropotto foods exports premium quality frozen IQF mixed vegetable cuts and it is produced through the following....

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IQF Onion

India is 2nd largest producer of onions in the world with its unique pungency. It is vegetable which is produced in...

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