White Guava Concentrate is produced from fresh highest quality guava fruits. Fully matured Guavas are harvested and quickly transported to fruit processing plant and inspected. Fully ripened Guava fruits are then washed, deseeded, pulp extracted, centrifuged (if required), thermally processed and aseptically filled by HTST process into pre-sterilized bags. The Guava Concentrate obtained is pure and creamy white in texture, assuring highest quality standards.



Parameter Group Range Value
Brix @ 200 Cel Min 20
Acidity As % Anhyd. Citric Acid 0.70 – 1.20%
pH As Natural 3.5 - 4.0
Consistency – Bostwick 2 – 7 cms/30 secs
Black Specks / 10 gm Less than 5
Brown Specks / 10 gm Less than 10
Total Plate Count cfu/ gm Less than 10
Yeast & Mould Count cfu / gm Less than 10
Coliform Count cfu / gm Absent
Pathogens cfu / gm Absent
Colour Creamy White
Flavour & Aroma Characteristics of typical ripe White Guava
Taste Free of any fermentation or any other off taste
Appearance Homogenous, No Foreign Matter


220 litres aseptic Bag-In-Drums – 220 Kgs Nett

Container Loading

Bag–In–Drums – 80 Drums / 20' Fcl


Recommended Storage Temperature - +10 Deg Cel

Maximum Storage Temperature - +25 Deg Cel

Shelf Life

24 months @ +10 Deg Cel

18 months @ +25 Deg Cel


Season Table

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
White Guava          
Pink Guava          

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